UUP is an organizational member of NBOP

UUP NBOP Contacts:

Karen Elliot

George Beeler

Ruth Lorain


Read article by Angela Hart in THE PRESS DEMOCRAT from  October 25, 2015:

Sonoma County activists to lobby for rent control, public transit 


Support Fare-less bus transit for students in Sonoma County Sign petition

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Affordable Housing in Petaluma

Have you or someone you know had problems finding affordable housing in Petaluma? Our partner in community work, the North Bay Organizing Project is beginning a series of conversations to find the details of the problem, potential solutions and people who are interested in working on this issue in Petaluma. If you are interested in knowing about upcoming events or the progress of this effort please contact George Beeler at UUP.NBOP@aimgreen.com or 707-765-5965.