Petaluma Integrated Voter Engagement

The goal of the multi-faith and civic group Voter Engagement Campaign is to grow community by encouraging residents to actively engage in the civic life of Petaluma. Some of us have found this to be an antidote for this unnerving election year. We invite you to try it. Going door to door, we ask people how things are going for them and their neighbors. We listen deeply without giving our own opinions, outside of friendly encouragement. Our goal is to motivate them to vote but even more crucial, to get them involved in how our community makes decisions. Getting good people elected is a first step, but then they must have vocal community support for getting things done for the benefit of the whole community rather than just the big donors.
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The Voter Engagement Campaign is not about promoting any specific candidate but rather to encourage residents to exercise their right to vote as a basic element of life in a democracy! For more information talk to the folks who participated in the last event Carol Crabill, Joyce Tischler, Karen Elliott,  Ruth Lorain, George Beeler or email