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UUSC: Our Work

UUSC believes that all people have inherent dignity, power, and rights. In partnership with dedicated UUSC members, tireless activists, and inspiring grassroots organizations throughout the world, UUSC aims to ensure that those fundamental human rights are realities for everyone — no matter race, gender, or class. UUSC works specifically with people and communities who are denied their rights because of who they are — women, people of color, religious minorities, and others — and who are not served by mainstream human rights organizations.

Every day, UUSC is taking action to advance a full array of human rights — promoting economic justice, bolstering environmental justice, and protecting rights at risk. As part of the latter, UUSC works to deliver aid with dignity and advance the rights of people left behind during humanitarian crises, which include forgotten conflicts, natural disasters, and forced migration.

Featured initiatives

Choose Compassionate Consumption
UUSC engages people in owning their power as values-driven consumers, acting to protect workers’ rights, and joining a movement for economic justice.

Sustainable Recovery in Haiti
In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, UUSC has made a long-term commitment to creating a recovery that advances justice for Haitians.

The Human Right to Water
UUSC is on the cutting edge of ensuring that all people — no matter their skin color or bank account — have access to safe, affordable water.


Grassroots collaboration

People and communities have a right to make the decisions that impact them. UUSC works in close collaboration with grassroots groups on the ground to build resources and empower community members while stopping human rights violations and challenging discrimination. UUSC places high value on eye-to-eye partnerships. This means that instead of telling people what to do, UUSC asks questions, listens to answers, gives input, offers support and expertise, and develops creative strategies together with partner organizations and activists — all with deep respect for the strength, autonomy, and wisdom of the people being served.


UUSC develops creative, effective models for social change that can be used on a larger scale and replicated in communities where they are appropriate. Whether it’s supporting the development of strategies for food sustainability in Haiti or piloting multilingual radio shows in Japan that help immigrants access support, UUSC strives to explore new ways of addressing struggle and forging a path for success.

UUSC launched its annual Human Rights Innovation Fellowship as another opportunity to encourage the presentation of new ideas to effect systemic change in the field of human rights. The yearly fellowship includes a grant of up to $25,000 that will be awarded to the individual or organization with the most innovative project. Learn more about the Human Rights Innovation Fellowship.


In order to create a world free from injustice and oppression — where all can realize their human rights — you need a movement. And to build a movement, you need passionate people. That’s why UUSC actively engages its more than 40,000 members in taking action, whether it’s calling their senators or educating their communities and congregations, at critical junctures for maximum impact.

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