Act With Courage

Visions of Justice-sm-72Unitarian Universalists believe that every person is sacred and and that there is an interdependent web of all existence. When one part of the web is torn or injured, all other parts are injured, and the web needs to be restored. We have a passion for making our world a better place for all. At UUP we try to act with courage to improve ourselves, our community, our environment, and the social and political system in which we live.

Our faith-based approach to enacting justice is based on restoring right relationships with people and the earth. We also hold that faith-based justice work is more than obtaining and sharing information. It is about transformation. To transform the world, we ourselves need to be transformed — and that is an ongoing process we do together at UUP.

Some of our concerns include:

Ethical Eating

Human Rights and other UUSC issues

Humane Treatment of Animals

Climate Change

Habitat Loss and Biodiversity

Immigration Reform

…to name a few.

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Local Partners for Change

The UUP congregation as a whole and many individual members are active in many community organizations, projects and work groups aimed at making our world a better place. Click here for resources about those efforts, and the names of UUP members already involved in those projects, to help you get connected.


Day after Women’s March of Jan 21, 2017