Membership Committee

Chair: Diana Spaulding (Founding Member)


New to UU Visitors Orientation:

Once a month we host a brief gathering immediately following the service for anyone interested in finding out more about our congregation and Unitarian Universalism. Please watch for specific time and place and join us with your questions! The best way to stay in touch is to join our email newsletter list by signing the guest book on Sunday morning or send an email asking to join the newsletter list to

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Membership development and numerical growth are essential to ensure that Unitarian Universalism remains an option for those seeking its community, intellectual and spiritual freedom, and affirmation of human goodness and unity. And the ways we attract and welcome newcomers need to grow out of our own particular heritage and our core Unitarian Universalist values.


The Membership Journey is a document that gives an overview of ways in which the congregation can prepare for new members. The text then discusses how to illuminate the membership path for newcomers in sections titled Beyond the Welcome Mat, Deepening the Connections, Joining the Congregation, and Membership as a Lifelong Journey. You can download this 55 page pdf here