Policing and Community

Benicia Chief of Police Erik Upson will speak to his philosophy of policing, which is the product of a combination of factors including a counter-cultural upbringing, and experience with the Berkeley Police Department. His work as Benicia’s Police Chief is guided by the vision of … read more.

What Moves Us?

The physical sciences explain how things move, but living beings are different. We’re self-moving, doing not just any work but the work that matters to us. But how has remained a scientific mystery.  This week we’ll hear a new guess from an old guest, Jeremy … read more.

The Purpose of Poetry

What is the purpose of poetry? What is the purpose of religion? How do the two purposes overlap? Our speaker, Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar, will be joining us monthly for the next six months. She is both a UU minister and a published poet, … read more.

Christmas Eve

We have two services today, at 11:30 and 4:00. At our morning service, we’ll sing carols and our children and youth will be presenting On That Christmas Night. For our afternoon service, come sing Christmas carols (both classic and modern), hear Christmas stories, and ponder … read more.

The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is a time for us to celebrate the return of the light and to revel in the potential for growth nurtured in the dark. What can we take from this most ancient of rituals to bring us hope in dark times? Join … read more.