Our Theological House – Part 1 – Eschatology

This will be part 1 of a series of sermons based partly upon Rebecca Parker and John Buehrens’ “A House of Hope, The Promise of Progressive Religion for the Twenty-first Century.”  Using categories from systemic theology, we will look at some of the theologies of Unitarian Universalism and how they impact our thoughts, words, and deeds.  This week we … Continued

Water and Stones: Welcome Home!

Join us for this very special service as we gather in an all-ages ritual to welcome each other back from summer adventures near and far. Bring a small vial of water and/or a stone gathered from a location where you spent time this summer, and enjoy a service of sharing, music and community.

The Work that Reconnects

Molly will offer us a taste of The Work That Reconnects, a dynamic interactive form of group work that has helped thousands of people face their despair and find new insight and inspiration.  Developed over many decades by elder Joanna Macy and colleagues, The Work That Reconnects draws on living systems theory, deep ecology, Buddhist … Continued

Resist and Rejoice: The Youth Speak

Three of our youth carried the UUP banner to General Assembly in June: Amelia Richardson, Elliot Harrison-Lee, and Charlie Finley. They will present their view of the proceedings, and they came back fired up, for sure. They bring songs, stories of the gathering in New Orleans, and their amazing spirit to this Sunday’s service. Not … Continued

Resist, Rejoice, and Renew

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in New Orleans this summer had the theme of Resist and Rejoice.  Attendees were asked to engage deeply in the reality of how white supremacy permeates all aspects of our culture – including our congregational cultures.  The dialogue was both inspiring and energizing as we were called to really … Continued

Making Meaning

What is it to be called to work? How can we find ways to make our world a better place? Rosemary Dodd will reflect on her UU young-adulthood (so far) in the context of her work last summer with Central American asylum-seekers.

Mystic Harmony: An Old-Fashioned Hymn Sing

Do you like to sing? Or listen to people singing in a Sunday service setting? Please come and express yourself through song, as we sing a wide selection of hymns and songs from both of our hymnals, and maybe a few other sources. We will consider the role music plays in our worship, and explore … Continued

The Life Abundant

We live in a time of both extreme economic inequality and ecological catastrophe.  How does UU theology call us to respond? How can we make abundance available to all, while healing our world? Bio: Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck was an ecologist for 20 years before becoming a minister.  She is called to help our culture … Continued

This I Believe

Our recent congregational survey on worship confirmed once again that we UU Petalumanaries really like to hear from our own!  Join us at this service to hear the thoughts and beliefs of fellow travelers on our spiritual journey.

Freedom is a Constant Struggle or UU 101

What is Unitarian Universalism and how does a member live out their faith? In the past I have been hard-pressed to come up with an articulate response. Since we do not have a creed that can tidily summarize our faith, it is up to each member to create meaning within the framework of the Principles … Continued