Reserving Rooms on Sunday Afternoons

  • Scheduling a room for Sunday is easy!   Rooms are available from 12:30 to 4 pm.  The small conference room listed below is available anytime on Sunday, but still needs to be reserved.
  • Schedule as soon as possible so you get the room you want. 
  • Access: All rooms have level access except the Loft, which requires stair climbing.
  • Decide which room(s) you’ll need.
    • Library:  seats 8-12 people comfortably.  It includes chairs, a sofa, a conference table, whiteboard and TV with DVD player.   Glass doors open onto a shady lawn.  WiFi is available in this room. (PW 825OFFice)
    • Fellowship Hall: seats 80 comfortably.  Tables and chairs are available for use.  Glass doors open onto a courtyard with benches, which can be used as an extended gathering space.
    • Sanctuary: seats 200 people.  No food or drink in this room.  Use of sound system requires trained person to operate; contact Lara Abel, Katherine Cook. Hearing assistance devices are available.
    • Kitchen: large and well-equipped.  Requires orientation before use. Contact Carol West.Loft: Religious Education space on the second floor.  It is informal and requires climbing stairs. On one side are couches and a few chairs for about six.  On the other side is a table and chairs – they are child-size chairs for 8-10 people.
    • Small Conference Room: A meeting room with conference table with room for 6 comfortably, 8 is a squeeze.  The room is on the opposite side of the building from the Nursery.  Go through the gate which leads to the playground.  First door on your right.  This room can be scheduled for any time by going through UUP’s Administrative Assistant, Denise Wilbanks –
    • Outdoor spaces: playground, courtyard and lawn.
  • Email Denise Wilbanks, UUP’s Administrative Assistant ( with the date, time and description of your event (such as RE Committee meeting or Fun and Fellowship meeting, etc.) and which room/rooms you want to reserve.  She will put your information on our website calendar.
    • If someone else has already scheduled the same space, Denise will suggest an alternate space.  If the alternate space does not work for you she will ask you to try for a trade with the group that first reserved the space or to look for off-site space.
  • Obtain key ahead of time from one of the following people or coordinate with other UUP groups also on site that day.  Key is required to unlock and to lock doors:
    • Worship rep: David Dodd
    • Director of Religious Education: Suzanne Kimmel
    • Emergency contact: James Coyne
    • Board chair: David Perry
  • Lock up and clean up when you are finished… except for the Library which remains unlocked.
  • Check list before leaving the premises (Cleanup and lockup procedures for the whole campus)
    • Make sure coffee pot is off and unplugged
    • Make sure the stove is off
    • Make sure the dish washer heater is off
    • Empty the garbage cans into containers behind the kitchen – make sure to separate Trash, Recycling and Compost
    • Check faucets and toilets and empty trash
    • Lock outside door that gives access to the bathrooms.
    • Turn off lights, fans and thermostats
    • Lock all doors and windows

Reserving Space Other Than Sunday Afternoons at 825 Middlefield Drive

Included in UUP’s lease with UCC are a once a week “low impact use” of the Library or Fellowship Hall or Loft and 10 times a year use of the facility for “higher impact events.”

These included times must be scheduled with UCC. The UUP point person for scheduling all non-Sunday times is the UUP Board President, except for the minister who may schedule directly with UCC.

To schedule a time not on Sunday between 12:30 and 4 pm contact the Board President.  Consult your church directory for current President’s contact information.

Some definitions:

“Low impact use” means 30 or fewer people in the Fellowship Hall or Library or Loft.  If our once a week use also includes providing childcare then two rooms are okay – for example a gathering in the Fellowship Hall with childcare provided in the Loft.

Please note: the Nursery is only available to us on Sundays, not on any other day.  Kitchen use is not included in the once a week non-Sunday use, except for coffee or tea.

“Higher impact events” may include meals and use of the sanctuary.  Typically we will have primary use of the whole facility, but sole usage is not guaranteed.