Rapid Response Launches

The North Bay Rapid Response Network has been formed to mobilize an emergency response network, serve as witnesses to immigration enforcement actions, and provide services to affected North Bay residents.
The Network provides a 24 hour hotline to immigrants facing a raid by federal immigration agents, dispatches trained legal observers to the raid location, provides access to legal defense to affected communities, and offers accompaniment to victims and families following a raid. This Hotline officially launched on November 08, 2017.
I will bring cards written in Spanish that give instructions and the phone number to talk to bi-lingual dispatchers that have been trained to stay on the phone line and talk with community members if immigration officials come to their door or work. I showed one of these cards and asked my favorite farmer at a Farmers Market if he worked with anyone who might need help in this situation. He broke my heart open when he said all of us live in terror of being rounded up by the immigration agents at any time, anywhere. Please see me for a supply of these cards. - George Beeler
For more information contact: Susan Shaw  sshaw@northbayop.org  707-481-2970