Green Team Joint Possibilities

The Green Team is exploring two possible joint ventures. We would like to know the level of interest of congregants.
  1.  Forming a Joint Partnership with a Community Group to manage the garden at UCC Petaluma as a community garden.  Community gardens typically serve folks who do not have access to gardens. If so we, we would look to add a 3rd party community organization to plant and manage the garden.  Please give in person feedback or by email to Robert Shore-Goss:
  2. We are investigating a once month working with the Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative to set up aSunday morning stand at church once a month  We would be supporting family farmers and increasing access to local healthy family farmers.  This would be empowering to cultivate faith values through with their communities by working  with the Interfaith Food Collaborative.  Please give in person feedback or by email to Robert Shore-Goss:  We would need coverage of a couple of people from UUP to collect payments, including eat cards. We would need a couple of people from each congregation to be at the stand: UUP from 9-11 AM during the UCC service, and UCCP from 11-1 PM during the UUP service.
If there is sufficient interest from both congregations, we will take it to the next stage to set up meeting to investigate the possibilities.