Petaluma Integrated Voter Engagement – June 29

On Tuesday, May 10 five faith groups and two civic groups met in Fellowship Hall to select a neighborhood precinct with low voter turnout and a high percentage of renters.  Margie Helm describes our intentions beautifully: “The goal of the Petaluma  Voter Engagement Campaign is to pilot a way to grow community by encouraging residents to actively engage in the civic life of Petaluma. The intention is that, through a cross-generational listening campaign, residents will have a chance to talk about their community concerns and work together to create solutions. This approach has been demonstrated in other communities to yield positive results including an increased sense of community, improvement of living conditions and increased voter turn out. What also seems to show up is that those who are civically engaged are happier, more optimistic and more likely to exercise their right to vote. The Voter Engagement Campaign is not about promoting any specific candidate but rather to encourage residents to exercise their right to vote as a basic element of life in a democracy!” The next meeting of Petaluma Integrated Voter Engagement is June 29th 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. For more information talk to Carol Crabill at, Ruth Lorain at or George Beeler at