District Assembly 2016

Congregational Excellence: Doing Together What We Cannot Do Alone!  

District Assembly was held this past weekend April 22- 24 in Fremont CA. We had a great UUP delegation represented by Rev Mary Foran, Carol West , Sharon Davie, Ruth Lorain, Suzanne Clarke , Marlene Abel.

Saturday Morning Keynote:  A Vision for Radical Interdependence”  delivered by the Rev. Scott Tayler, Director of Congregational Life for the Unitarian Universalist Association asked us to think outside the box keeping our mission front center asking what can we do together that we cannot do alone?

“Implementing Radical Interdependence:” Started to look at what resources we each have to offer the other and how refreshing it might be if we share our strengths with each other and do not have to be experts in all things. Rev Jan Christian has been facilitating a conversation between UUP, Napa, Santa Rosa and Marin which was cited as an example of regional collaboration. We met for dinner on Friday night and had San Francisco join the conversation on Saturday. At this early point we are “dating” getting to know each other and exploring possible areas for working together and sharing resources… Congratulations to Jim Lewis who was elected to district nominations committee!

Friday April 22 – Leading Change in Changing Times

Facilitated by Rev. Nancy Bowen, Pacific Western Region Lead, and Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, UUA Congregational Life Staff, with a guest appearance by Rev. Scott Taylor, UUA Director of Congregational Life.

At Times of Change;

  • the difference between leading change and change management; and
  • the power of story to energize congregational momentum and vitality.

Take-Home Nuggets:

  • Things are always changing
  • Building networks of support makes us stronger
  • Having a learning collaborative helps us make better decisions
  • Collaborating means we do not have to be experts in everything
  • Sharing resources is cost effective in time and money enabling us to do more good in the world