Your Money and Your Life

Life, my life and your life, is about so much more than money. What makes you feel more alive and what gives your life purpose and meaning? Does how we use what money we have reflect our deepest values? This Sunday is also the kick off for our annual stewardship campaign. As a special treat, the … Continued


Jelaluddin Rumi has come to be recognized in the West, as he has been in the East since the 13th Century, for his extraordinary life as a mystic and poet. He has been called the most popular poet in the U.S. today, and for good reason: with passion and clarity, and oftentimes great humor, Rumi … Continued

Rolling Stones

Easter is not only about the Christian story of the resurrection of Jesus.  We will also explore some of the pagan and Jewish roots of this holiday and reflect on how these stories can inform our lives.  An egg hunt for the children will follow this intergenerational service. Reverend Theresa Novak, Speaker; David Dodd, Worship Associate; Jesus Contreras, … Continued


With spirit and song we will celebrate the successful end of our stewardship campaign and the commitment this congregation has made to live our Unitarian Universalist values.     Reverend Theresa Novak, Speaker; Lara Abel, Worship Associate; Jesus Contreras, Music Director; Suzanne Kimmel, Director of Religious Education Worship and Children’s Religious Education at 11:30 am; … Continued