Good Deeds and Required Deeds: Are They The Same?

So often we hear about good behaviors something to the effect that it is “such a nice thing to be doing.” Rabbi Feldman will be address the differences between what is nice to do and what we have to do. This is especially tied in to the tumultuous climate in which we find our country.

Why Religious Community?

Why do people come to services on Sundays?  Why do they want to be part of a religious community rather than a secular organization?  Our members are diverse and have many individual reasons for being part of UUP, but what holds us together?  Why do we exist and where are we going? After the service, the … Continued

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This I Believe

Another service in a cherished tradition of services at UU Petaluma in which two members of our community share the path that brought them, eventually, to Unitarian Universalism.    Speakers: Rachel Ede and Marco Cacchi. David Dodd, Worship Associate; Jesus Contreras, Music Director; Suzanne Kimmel, Director of Religious Education Worship and Children’s Religious Education at 11:30 … Continued

Note: for transcripts of Reverend Theresa Novak's sermons, go to her blog here