Joy and Woe are Woven Fine

Recently the psychiatrist Mark Ragins has proposed that there are several identifiable stagesin recovery of one’s mental health, similar in concept to the stages of death and dying identified by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. We will reflect on these concepts and how they might be helpful in our lives.  Rev. Barbara Meyers is a Unitarian Universalist Community … Continued

Building a New Way

Unitarian Universalism is a challenging faith.  We are called to build a better world and a better religious community.  Recent events have taught us that racism impacts even the structures and institutions of our beloved faith.  This service is our way to participate in a national level teach-in on white supremacy. Reverend Theresa Novak, Speaker; Lara … Continued

Note: for transcripts of Reverend Theresa Novak's sermons, go to her blog here