UUP’s Chalice Circles

As UUP grows from a family to a pastoral-sized congregation, we seek to create more opportunities to live our mission of inviting all to…

Live Your Sacred  –  Transform Through Love  –  Act With Courage

Chalice Circles provide a structure for our growing congregation to form intimate groups able to explore issues of meaning and spiritual significance in a warm environment built on trust and mutual respect. Here it is safe to share and listen deeply, explore different points of view, try on new ways of being, disagree, find common ground. These intimate circles are a place for old friends and new to feel known and heard, to build community and to support each other. Through the Chalice Circles we hope to grow in consciousness and empathy, to have fun, and to strengthen our connections and our service to each other, to the congregation and its mission, and to the wider community of which UUP is a part.

Chalice Circle Basics:

  • About 8 people per group
  • Members commit to meet once a month for two hours (some groups may meet twice a month)
  • Groups run from October through May with an option for people to join existing groups in January
  • Facilitator supports the group in following a simple agenda
  • Topics of meaning and spiritual significance are explored
  • Agenda includes ritual opening and closing, personal check-in time, attentive listening and sharing of reflections on the topic of the day
  • Childcare and rides can both be arranged to facilitate participation
  • During the church year each group will perform one act of service for the congregation and one benefiting the larger community


To join a Chalice Circle, complete a sign-up form and return to Jodi Boyle. Sign-up forms will be available at service, or you can access one by clicking here.

contact Jodi at:   (707)775-7830 or jodigboyle@gmail.com



Read more about Chalice Circles from UUA here

“People come to church longing for, yearning for, hoping for … a sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing and caring. People come to a church with a search for community, not committee.” — Glenn Turner