• Dean Watson (Chair)
  • Jodi Boyle
  • George Beeler
  The Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM) has multiple functions, including:
  1. Conducting periodic evaluations of how well we are walking together to serve the mission of UUP, communicating with each other and holding ourselves accountable.
  2. Conducting periodic evaluations of how well the minister is contributing to serving the congregation’s mission.
  3. Creating a clear structure and process for congregants to raise concerns, questions or ideas with the Committee regarding the functioning of the congregation.
  4. Fostering healthy communication and respectful behavior within the congregation.
  5. Being a sounding-board for the minister.
In addition, the Committee manages tasks to support congregational and Board decisions about ordination and affiliation of community ministers, requests for endorsements from seminarians, renewals for preliminary fellowship and works to assure continuity of professional ministry during periods of sabbatical leaves, illness and transition of ministers. All of these functions support the congregation’s pursuit of its mission: “We welcome all to join in our Mission … Live your Sacred, Transform through Love and Act with Courage.” Process
  • The Committee usually meets once a month, and additionally as needed. The minister actively joins in the work and the meetings of the committee, but is a non-voting member. • The Committee is responsible for defining how it accomplishes its various functions.
  • The Committee respects the sensitive material shared in its work and maintains appropriate confidentiality.
  • The Committee strives for neutrality and a consciously sought unbiased stance to its work. Relationship with the Board The Committee is a committee of the Board, and as such, is accountable to the Board, reporting at least annually in summary, but monthly as developments and circumstances indicate.
The committee makes no unilateral decisions or evaluations. Should the Committee find grounds for recommendations and feedback in its work, these are made to the Board; Committee qualifications Members of the Committee will be pledging members of the congregation for at least 2 years who attend worship services regularly and who:
  • Have served in leadership positions in the UUP community, demonstrating qualities of leadership including respect, collaboration, reconciliation and dedication.
  • Have demonstrated capacity to place the mission of UUP and furtherance of the UUP community, ahead of any one part of the congregation.
  • Who have demonstrated skills in the following areas:
  • An ability to work to facilitate resolution without feeling ownership for what happens.
  • A capacity to respect the confidentiality of personal and interpersonal matters.
  • A capacity to speak with passion and compassion in committee matters, and a commitment to speak with one voice outside of the committee.
Terms of membership The Committee membership will be developed though the following structures:
  • The Committee will have four to five members.
  • Terms are three years with a maximum of two consecutive terms; if a member takes a second term it can be of one to three years in duration, being mindful of the committee’s needs to maintain integrity of purpose and functionality.
  • Appointment of new Members: The Committee and the Minister will recommend appropriate candidates, equal to the number of vacancies, to the Board for appointment.


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